Mark Kenyon

Are you 100% passionate about the work that you are doing? Join me as Mark Kenyon unrolls the career plan that he is almost 100% passionate about and that keeps him on the move with podcasting, blogging, writing, and of course bowhunting.

## About My Guest: ##
Mark is an outdoor blogger at [][website] and the host of the **Wired To Hunt** podcast. He is also the Director of Digital Content for the National Deer Alliance and just this year was named the Quality Deer Management Association Communicator of the Year. Mark is a writer and his articles have been published in North American Whitetail Magazine, Deer & Deer Hunting Magazine, Quality Whitetails Journal and the Whitetail News. He is also a Quality Deer Management Association certified Deer Steward. Mark is a bowhunter and outdoor enthusiast, a GREAT story teller, and as you can tell from what he has going on, he is one super motivated individual.

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