If you haven’t heard of the Hillbilly Weatherman by now after the winter we just endured, then you either live in a cave (not a bad thing) or you live in an area that didn’t see a flake of snow. Many northerners would kill for either scenario. Adam Evans is the Hillbilly Weatherman and he tells the weathercast like most probably think it. And, turns out, Adam is a really really good deer hunter. So much so that when we pitched him the idea of being a guest he said, “I LIVE FOR DEER HUNTING”. Our kind of crowd…

Adam tells us all about his viral internet journey that he’s been on over a few short months, amassing more Facebook followers in a week than most business pages will collect in a lifetime. Adam shares a few deer hunting stories, gives us a weather forecast, and a deer hunting forecast for 2015. The Hillbilly weatherman is authentic, brutally downeast honest, and above all, a really good person, even though he swears a little bit.


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