Can the eyes of a quarterback indicate where the ball will be thrown? Is luck a random chance? Or is it actually the by-product of hard work and hours of preparation. Mike Kafka can tell you that hard work and preparation is the key to reaching higher levels of success and that it’s the turn of the head, not the eyes, that will often indicate to a defender where the ball is going to be thrown. Mike, a newbie hunter, has spent several years in the National Football League playing the Quarterback position and is now setting his eyes on a new venture, deer hunting. It started with a specialized handwarming pouch that Mike flys under the flag of a company he started called Roo Outdoors, but in the process his interest in hunting has grown Mike is able to draw correlation between preparing for a NFL football game and preparing for a deer hunt. Only this time, in preparation for becoming a better deer hunter, Mike picks Jay and Dusty’s brains for information.

Jim Keller with the Deer News

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