Have you ever found a tick on you after a day in the field or deep woods? Most of us have and many hunters

Dr Alan Eaton searches for Black Legged Ticks at Deer check stations
Dr Alan Eaton searches for Black Legged Ticks at Deer check stations

have been bitten by ticks. Ticks carry several pathogens that cause disease, but the most well known is Lyme Disease.Although not prevalent in some parts of the country, New England was, and still is, a major hot spot. There are ways to prevent the spread of this disease and we discuss all those aspects with Dr. Alan Eaton of the University of New Hampshire’s Co-Operative Extension.  We also speak with Randy Gagne, a former Big Buck Registry guest and victim of Lyme Disease.

We explore the myths, the facts, and how you can walk out of the woods feeling a bit safer. We discuss how to identify the most threatening ticks, where they are found in the country most frequently, help you determine if you are at risk, and what to do when you are bit.


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