Some people just aren’t satisfied to sit around and do nothing. Some people like to try things out, experiment, push themselves, and get involved in many different activities or career fields.

My guest today is in full-time law enforcement and part-time professional magician, podcaster, videographer, writer, Amazon published author, and wedding officiant. (Did I miss anything?)  Listen as Bill Hoffman tells about what he has going on and why he does what he does.

## Guest’s Opening Quote: ##

“A kid wants to play in major league baseball. There is a big barrier to entry, right? But the kid really loves baseball. He can go play little league or he can go play in an adult rec league. He is still playing baseball. He is doing what he loves.  There is a barrier to entry to get on the Outdoor Channel, but you are never going to get to the Outdoor Channel if you don’t play little league first.”

## More About My Guest: ##

If you took a guy who loves to hunt and fish and then made him a professional magician with a decade long career in law enforcement, who also enjoys his work as an ordained wedding officiant you would have my guest today.  In addition to working in the outdoors industry with, he has written for a few major publications and he is an best selling author with The Twins of Prey book series. Bill and his wife and  two children live in Michigan.


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