Dan Christ

What would you do if the job that you loved and that you trained for was unexpectedly eliminated? Join me as Dan Christ talks about how he transitioned from a government forestry and fire fighting career to being an entrepreneur as a full-time wildlife artist where he can schedule his work around his bow hunting.

## Guest’s Opening Quote: ##
“One of the blessings of being self-employed is having the freedom to take off and get out there. So once I start archery hunting, I’m out there every morning and every evening. My workload is set aside for other times of the day….. just having that freedom of being able to schedule my day around my hunting. That’s where I get my inspiration.”

## More About My Guest: ##
In January of 2014 Dan celebrated his 36th anniversary as a full time wildlife artist. His humble beginning was painting the wildlife he loved and experienced in the backyard of his Berks County Pennsylvania home on a dairy farm. Dan continues to paint from his experiences, whether they are the wilds of Alaska or the heights of the Rockies, or the Serengeti of East Africa. His education in forestry at Penn State University provided him with the technical knowledge of ecosystems, wildlife habitat, and behavior. As many of us do, Dan was searching for the meaning and purpose for his life and that is some of what was discussed in this episode, because the result of that search has been a source of inspiration for his art.