Bowhunting Freedom with Philip Havens

Dan Perez Whitetail Properties Hunting and Farm Land Broker, TV Show Host

Is your career dream big enough? Join me as Dan Perez shares one of the big dreams he had for his life and where his love of the outdoors and bowhunting has led him.

Dan is the CEO of Whitetail Properties Real Estate and TV show host of Whitetail Properties TV.
Dan is from famous Pike County, Illinois and he has bow hunted whitetail deer since he was old enough to draw a 40 lb. bow. Since then, he’s harvested in excess of 400 whitetail deer. Over the past thirty-five years, Dan has focused his attention exclusively on bowhunting mature trophy bucks. This specialization has earned him over 50 whitetails that exceed Pope and Young’s qualifications. Dan has spent the greatest part of his life pursuing trophy animals with a stick and string and introducing people of all ages to bowhunting and the great outdoors. Back in the 90’s, Dan was a prolific outdoor writer and his writing often appeared in magazines like “Bowhunter,” “Bow & Arrow Hunting,” “Bowhunting World,” and others. Whitetail Properties Real Estate is a real estate company specializing in hunting properties and farmland.

Guest’s Opening Quote:
“When you have that feeling that it’s almost abusive that you’re getting paid because you love what you do so much, then you’re doing what you should be doing.”