Bowhunting Freedom with Philip Havens

Sometimes when your work just becomes stale and boring, it is time to make a change. Join me as Jay Scott explains how it isn’t often just about the work itself, but it is about the people and the relationships that you build that make life have some spice.

About My Guest:

Jay grew up in rural New Hampshire where the woods and streams were his outdoor playground. He initially learned about hunting from his grandfather and his father, but it wasn’t until after college that he really started to get serious about it, when a friend introduced Jay to bowhunting in the Upper Valley of New Hampshire. He also learned to be a more focused hunter through turkey hunting and with the help of another friend and mentor who had 35 years of hunting experience.

Jay started the Big Buck Registry in 2012, initially just as a website, after years of sharing endless deer photos with friends from across the country. In the fall of 2012 he started to explore podcasting after he purchased an Apple iPhone, and then he launched Big Buck Registry’s Deer Hunting Podcast in January 2013. Now after 80+ episodes, Jay is here to tell us more about his career story.