Bowhunting Freedom – Jeff Rhoads World Went Dark Outdoors.

Do you even like the work that you are doing? Join me as Jeff Rhoads from the World Went Dark Outdoors TV show talks about the challenges he faces as well as some lessons learned. A consistent theme of his interview is passion for what you do. There may be barriers to entry into the television show side of the bowhunting industry, but some of those barriers are not as big as you might think.

Guest’s Opening Quote:

In response to a question about how big the barrier to entry is, Jeff responded with… “It is pretty low, yes. At this point it is. All those different avenues that are available now with the internet, with Youtube and Vimeo and all that stuff. It made that barrier very low, because you can expose it to millions and millions of people very easily, everybody including these TV networks are watching those things.”

More About My Guest:

Jeff born and raised in Eastern PA and has been hunting since the age of 12.  In 2007 he co-founded World Went Dark Outdoors, with his brother Jason Keffer and his passion is bowhunting the Whitetail Deer. World Went Dark Outdoors, WWDO for short, is a Pennsylvania-based hunting team and TV show that is in it’s second season on the Pursuit Channel. 

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