No matter what the competition may be with a product or service that you’d like to produce, if you are committed to serving your customers, go for it. You only have one life to live. Join me as Joe Windsor, Founder of Dead Deer Walking Scents and Lures talks about the unexpected end of his long law enforcement career and how he rebounded by starting his own business.

Guest’s Opening Quote:

“No matter what the competition is out there, if you believe in something 110% and you think that someone else out there will benefit from your product or background that you wish to give out there, you need to pursue it. You only have one chance in life to pursue anything you want.”

More About My Guest:

Joe is the founder and owner  of [Dead Deer Walking][website], a company that produces a line of cover scents and attractants. He is a retired law enforcement officer and a K9 instructor and trainer for detection and patrol dogs.

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