Marc Jordan Western PA School of Taxidermy

Sometimes when you look deep inside of you, you can see that you have something of value that you can share with others in your career or profession. Join me as Marc Jordan tells his story of self-discovery to become a taxidermist and the founder of the Western Pennsylvania School of Taxidermy

More About My Guest:

Marc was born and raised in Punxsutawney, PA, home of the world famous groundhog -Punxsutawney Phil. Marc grew up in a hunting family and has always loved being in the outdoors, with bow hunting and turkey hunting being two of his favorite outdoor past times.

Marc went to trade school to become a machinist and after working about 6 years in the machine shop industry he decided that was not for him. He left that career and went out to Idaho to guide for one season. This guiding experience ultimately led him to pursue a career in taxidermy. He started Jordan’s Taxidermy in 1991 and since 2002 he has operated the Western Pennsylvania School of Taxidermy, along with his wife Joyce and his son Logan.