Nick Pinizzotto

What is the biggest limiting factor in your career or business? Is it perhaps your own mindset or your belief that big success is only for other people? Join me as Nick Pinizzotto, a passionate bowhunter, explains how he overcame his own “small-town thinking” to become President of the [United States Sportsmen’s Alliance][website], a leading organization in the fight to protect our hunting, fishing, trapping, and shooting heritage across the country.
## Guest’s Opening Quote: ##
“The only thing stopping me quite frankly was my just own mindset, that was for other people. I come from a very small town. We all grew up hunting. and all that, but no one really thinks they will actually be in Outdoor Life Magazine for example. My own limited imagination, I think, was where I wasted some time.”
## More About My Guest: ##
Nick is the President and CEO of the U.S. Sportsmen’s Alliance and Foundation. Before coming to USSA, Nick was CEO of Delta Waterfowl Foundation based in Bismarck, North Dakota, and prior to that he served as Associate Vice President at Western Pennsylvania Conservancy for 11 years. Nick also started Apparition Scents, a deer scent company, which he later sold and the company still thrives today. He is originally from Indiana, Pennsylvania and he grew up in an outdoors oriented family. In addition to raising English red-tick coonhounds, he helped his father raise pheasants, quail, chuckars and doves. Nick is a lifelong outdoorsman with particular fondness for bowhunting whitetail deer, but he enjoys all types of hunting and fishing. He is also a published outdoor writer, photographer, videographer, and blogger at [whitetail]and he holds a bachelor’s degree in environmental geography and a master’s degree in psychology.

Nick considers himself to be an optimist and there is a blog post from October where he wrote about this. “My general optimism as an archery hunter is strikingly similar to the scene in the popular comedy movie Dumb and Dumber where Lloyd is told by his love interest Mary that there’s just a one in a million chance that they could end up together. Lloyd’s memorable reply is, ‘So you’re saying there’s a chance?’ Nick goes on to say – For many of us, that’s all we need to know, is that there’s a chance that something great can happen in the deer woods to get us out there, even if it is slim to none.”