Bowhunting Freedom – Part 2 of 2 with Travis T-Bone Turner Bone Collector

Part 2 of 2. Travis “T-Bone” Turner, co-host of the Bone Collector and Realtree Road Trips TV shows, is described on the Outdoor Channel’s website as the “go-to-guy for anything archery, a constant cut-up, and the man with the uncanny ability to consistently take home big game.” He decided to leave an enjoyable and well-paying job at Mercedes so that he could pursue his passion in archery and the outdoors, despite all the uncertainties of this huge career change.

Guest’s Opening Quote:
“It wasn’t like I had a goal to be on a TV show back in the early 90’s. Meaning I just wanted to do something in the outdoor industry and I was open minded enough to know that if doors opened for me, I would be open minded to it and take those opportunities.”

More About My Guest
His father was a hunter. His grandfather was a hunter. He became a hunter at a very young age, although he didn’t start bowhunting until highschool. He has started his own archery business, he is well known for his TV role on [Realtree’s Road Trips][realtree] and [Bone Collector][bone] shows, he has held the Outdoor 3-D Archery World Champion title. Travis also works closely with conservation organizations including [Whitetails Unlimited][wtu] and the [National Wild Turkey Federation][nwtf]. When Travis is not traveling, he lives in Hogansville, Ga., with his wife, Michelle, and their son, Archer. TRIVIA: His favorite vegetable is Cheetos (confirmed by T-Bone during the interview)

A partial list of his career accomplishments include:

* He is an ASA and APA certified professional archer
* 1991 ASA 3-D World Champion and 4-time Georgia State Champ
* Archery manager of Southern Shooters in LaGrange, GA a premier outdoor store
* He has worked with Jeff Foxworthy, Bill Jordan, Michael Waddell, David Blanton and several country music and MLB stars on their archery setups and shooting advice.


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