This is part two of a two-part episode. Mike is the man behind the microphone of the Up North Journal Podcast. He creates an outdoor-centric lifestyle by working his full-time 25 year television career along with his passion for the outdoors with the podcast. How would you recover from a house smashing tornado and a house fire in the same year?  

Guest’s Opening Quote:

“Now there are a lot of jobs in the outdoor industry that do pay well. There are engineers and manufacturing jobs, people that make products. Whether it be your bow companies or your rifle companies, camo, what have you…. optics companies. There are those jobs. There are marketing jobs, sales jobs, there are all kinds of jobs that do pay well.”

More About My Guest:

Mike works full-time as a Director at a television station and pursues his passion for the outdoors on his own time. His knowledge from working in the television industry for 25 years and his lifetime love of the outdoors led to the birth of the Up North Journal eight years ago and made it into what it is today. Along with the Up North Journal,  Mike is also a pro-staffer for Mossy Oak and Cabela’s, and is a  product representative for Vortex Optics.

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