Have you ever dreamed about making a big move, but just couldn’t bring yourself to do it? Join me as Rick explains how and why he made the huge move from Connecticut to Montana with his wife, five kids, and no confirmed job in order to pursue his life-long ambitions for fly fishing and bowhunting. Also learn how his “awesome” wife supported him in going after his big dream, despite the big risks.

Guest’s Opening Quote:
“I think that when my job changed, it forced me to make that decision. I’m glad that it did. At the time it didn’t feel good, but as soon as I made the decision, I was super excited!”

More About My Guest:
Rick is a fly fishing guide in Dillon Montana working primarily on the Big Hole River and the Beaverhead River. Rick grew up in Connecticut with fly fishing and bow hunting as his two primary passions.

For years Rick dreamed of living in Montana for the exceptional hunting and fishing opportunities and when his career changed, he decided to do something he loved and moved his family to Montana. With five kids and no clear position for work, it was a little scary at first, but in his 40’s it was now or never.

Rick works in the insurance industry, but has a generous amount of vacation time that allows him to guide fly fishermen for a considerable number of days and to pursue his passion for bow hunting elk and deer in southwest Montana.