Bowhunting Freedom – Tim Thomason Founder Nature Blinds.

Have you ever had a buck or a doe get so close to your ground blind that you could literally reach out and pet it? My guest Tim Thomason has created such natural looking blinds that he has really done this. Tim also shares his career adventures, punctuating them with his passion for what he is doing to make a difference in the hunting world and the world in general.

Guest’s Opening Quote:

“Take one day at a time. Plan it out and attack little barriers until the big one is done.”

More About My Guest:

Tim is the inventor and founder of Nature Blinds.  His passions include God, family, and hunting, in that order.  Tim’s biggest supporters are his wife Sandy and daughter.  He is an avid hunter and outdoorsman and he brings his creativity, humility, and passion to everything he pursues.


Originally from northern California, Tim moved his family in 2010 to the state of Texas to pursue his dreams and vision, and ultimately made his dreams come true. Tim says that Nature Blinds are the most realistic hunting blinds on the planet.  


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