After a lengthy career in construction, which took a toll on his body, my guest learned that he needed to figure our a way to stop trading hours for dollars. Join me as Tom Payton talks about his transition from the construction industry to real estate investing. He explains how real estate investing fits into a lifestyle that provides the time and resources to pursue his passion for bowhunting and his desire to share that passion by producing hunting videos and sharing them on YouTube and social media.

## Guest’s Opening Quote: ##

“The hunting industry, to get into it full-time and to actually make a career  out of it, is kind of a dream of a lot of guys and women out there. There are very, very few people that do that full-time, as you can probably see on the TV shows and that kind of thing. But it doesn’t mean that we can’t still have our dream and pursue it “

## More About My Guest: ##

Tom  is  the founder of Wild Pursuits, a hunting and outdoor sports production show and team. Tom was born in Delaware and soon after he moved to West Virginia and has since moved back to Delaware. His early years were spent hunting, fishing and trapping not only out of love for the outdoors, but out of necessity for his family’s needs. At 20 years old Tom pick up a bow for the first time and two years later harvested his first whitetail, since that time Tom has had a passion for bow hunting and the outdoors and he just enjoys life in the outdoors with his video camera.


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