Bowhunting Freedom with Philip Havens
Tony Bynum – Professional Photographer – Nature – Wildlife – Hunting – Adventure – Conservation
Are you living the lifestyle that you really want to live? Are you creating excellence in your life that you really want to create? Join me as I talk to Tony Bynum, professional wildlife, hunting, adventure, and nature photographer about his outdoor adventure lifestyle and the model that he lives by.

Guest’s Opening Quote:
“I mean I can’t tell you how many young people just can not afford to come and visit me. They say ‘I can’t afford that. Oh it’s a plane ticket. When am I ever going to get time?’ And five years later they are in the same place they were in five years ago. They are still trying to figure it out. Quit wasting all your money on drinking beer and going to Mexico. What do you want to do with your life?”
More About My Guest:
The About page on Tony’s website has a quote by him “Trails are for hikers, I’m an explorer!“. He is an adventure, conservation, wildlife, nature, and outdoor commercial [photographer] and is based in East Glacier Park, Montana, on the Blackfeet Reservation. Tony has an extensive list of publication credits including National Geographic for Kids, New York magazine, and Popular Photography. His images have appeared on the covers and in the copy of many outdoor recreation focused magazines including Field & Stream, Sports Afield, Eastman’s Bow Hunting, Bowhunt America, and many others. Tony is currently the photo editor for Western Hunter and Elk Hunter Magazine. Another quote from his website says ”I live at 5,000 feet in the rugged mountains of the Northern Rockies in Montana and I truly live the outdoor lifestyle.”
If you have considered becoming a photographer, Tony has a link to a great video about that very topic. If you aren’t interested in that as a profession, but want to see some fabulous imagery, watch the video. If you have any interest at all in photography or if you want to see some fantastic images, you need to check out Tony’s website. Tony shares some of his thoughts, ideas, and stories on his blog, as well as many other wonderful images covering big game, cowboys, hunting, Montana, wildlife, Whitetail Deer bucks, bugling bull elk, Big Horn Sheep, Grizzly Bears, Mule Deer, bison, Rocky Mountain Goat, Black Bears.
Tony talked about the way he operates and runs his life, referring to it as his four point “model”. He compares and relates the way he lives to bow hunting. This model can be applied to virtually every profession, career, job, adventure, or project.