“HuntFishTravel – Alligator Hunting in Alabama with Andy Gagliano of the Turkey Hunter Podcast”

9:30 tag lottery. 
13:00 Alligator Guides and Outfitters.
15:30 Can you hunt alligator on your own?
20:00 Alligator hunting tactics.
20:30 Email address where you can send hatemail.
21:00 Weapon requirements.
26:00 Legal harvest size.
31:00 Did Andy get his alligator???
38:07 Suggestions for someone looking to hunt alligators in Alabama.
41:30 Can you hunt them if you don’t have a boat?
45:00 Down the rabbit hole (again) – random tv shows from back in the day.

The Turkey Hunter Podcast – The Texas Decoy Massacre

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