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The Show

Started in 2013, Fish Nerds is a celebration of fish, fishing and eating fish with your hosts Dave Kellam and Clay Groves. The goal of the show is to explore all aspects of fish; highlighting the amazing, inspiring, unusual and funny.


Dave Kellam and Clay Groves are two friends obsessed with fish and best known for their quest in 2011 to catch and eat every kind of freshwater fish in New Hampshire. After catching and eating 48 species of fish and ending their epic quest, the two could not stop talking about their adventures or the fishy people they met along the way. Thus, the podcast was born.  Their style has been described as a cross between NPR’s Car Talk and the Tonight Show Night (Fallon, not Leno).


 Fish Nerd Correspondents

The show features several regular contributing nerds who are leaders in some aspect of the Fish Nerd Nation.

Doc martin-250x250.2Dr. Erika Martin is featured in “The Doctor is In”, which is a segment that does a deep dive in into the biological, ecological and cultural aspects of a specific fish species. Doc Martin holds a PhD in biology from Kansas State University where her research focused on prairie stream fishes.


hugo 250x250Hugo Medeiro is a culinary nerd featured in “Killing Fish and Time with Hugo”. He draws heavily on his Portuguese roots to prepare delicious and eye-catching dishes of fish he has caught himself in the Northeast.