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Up North Journal – A 4 Day Trip To Backwater Legacies!

Stop in at the cabin this week as Dan interviews Jake and Mike about their four day trip to southern Indiana at Backwater Legacies a youth outreach camp. It’s a four year program that teaches outdoor disciplines along with other life lesson skills. Continue Reading

Big Buck Registry- Melissa Bachman: Dealing with Anti-Hunters and Hunting Hard

From a very early age Melissa Bachman was introduced to the hunting lifestyle. It was not uncommon to find Melissa in a hunting stand or a goose blind before school when she was a teenager and it wasn’t long after that when Melissa knew that she wanted to hunt for a living. There were challenges along the way and many people told Melissa that it couldn’t be done. Today, she is living the life she intended to live. And, she has become the major target of some of the most high profile anti-hunters in the world. Melissa tells her story about how she got to where she is today and how to deal with the passive aggressive anti-hunter to the extremist.

Continue Reading

Up North Journal – Interview with CarrieZ from HuntFishTravel Podcast

Carrie Z of the HuntFishTravel Podcast stops in at the cabin this week and we have a great sitdown interview with her about her hunting, podcasting and other personal thoughts on a list of questions we throw at her. This is a don’t miss show! Continue Reading

Up North Journal – Talking About African Safaris with Dave Wilkins from Droptine Outdoor Adventures

Stop in at the cabin this week as we talk with Dave Wilkins from Droptine Outdoor Adventures about taking an African Safari, he also discuss’ the recent CWD case here in Michigan along with other environmental issues concerning deer here in Michigan. Continue Reading

Up North Journal – New York Photography of Fish Law, Outdoor Writer Jerry Lambert, CWD

Stop in to the cabin this week as we talk about a crazy new photography law in New York that involves fishing! We then sit down and talk with outdoor writer Jerry Lambert of Michigan about his two previous hunting books and what he is releasing later this year. We also get Jerry’s take on how CWD might impact the Michigan deer herd along with other environmental impacts on wild life in Michigan. Continue Reading

Up North Journal – Turkey Season Wrap-up, CWD Positive Wild Deer Found In Michigan

Stop in at the cabin this week as we talk with two turkey hunters about their season along with an interview with Jeff Summers of Simply Outdoors about the CWD positive deer found in Michigan. Jeff lives and hunts near where this deer was found. We discuss the implications and whether anything good can come from this. Continue Reading

Up North Journal – First Time Turkey Hunter, Camo Face Paint, Hunting Tripod, Bear and Elk Permits

Join us this week as we talk with a new turkey hunter just back from college.  We also cover some gear we use out in the field that you might like, and don’t forget those Michigan bear and elk permits! Continue Reading