“The Bowdudes – 018 Professional Archer Chris Berry of Ozark Feathers”

Professional Archer Chris Berry of Missouri stopped by the Bowdudes Booth at the Kansas City Shootout Indoor Tournament. Chris talks about his job as a detective for his local police department and shares a great story about making an arrest with his bowfishing bow in the middle of the woods. He explains how he is a student of the mental side of the game and tries to help others with their mental game as well.

Chris is a two time Vegas Champion who also competes in the Known 50 class in the ASA. He has also competed on the ESPN GREAT OUTDOOR Games three times.

When he isn’t traveling around competing, he helps teach over three thousands kids archery every year.

Chris has always loved the forgiveness and flight quality of feathers and teamed up with Ozark Feathers of Missouri to design and promote some awesome fletching for hunting and competition. He tells us about a water treatment he came up with called WATER “POOF” to make their feather water resistant. And a superglue for fletching called THE BEST.

Check out Ozark Feathers at ozarkfeathers.com and on Facebook at www.facebook.com/Ozarkfeatherarchery/

Ozark Feathers has a promotion now where you can win $500 just for shooting Ozark Feathers.

Grand Prize Pay out = $500.00
Presented at the 2016 NFAA Indoor National in Louisville, KY
This contest is open to all who are shooting Ozark Feather “Target Maxxx” Feathers..
Rules:The Ozark Feather Archery Indoor Contest..

The Grand Prize Winner is the shooter with the highest accumulated amount of “Ozark Feather Points” acquired from Local, State Championship, NFAA Sectionals and National Level shoots_ (Midwest Open, KC Shoot out, Iowa Pro-am, Vegas, Lancaster, Indoor Nationals.
To be awarded points You must post a pic after every 1st, 2nd, or 3rd place win with you & your arrows on the Ozark Feather Facebook page with the hashtag ‪#‎TargetMaxx‬ and following details: Location of shoot & your Placement
1st – 3 Points
2nd – 2Points
3-rd – 1Point
State Championship (Your Class)
1st – 5 Points
2nd – 3 Points
3rd – 1Point
NFAA Sectionals (Your Class)
1st – 10 Points
2nd – 7 Points
3rd – 3 Points
National level (Your Class)
1st – 30 Points
2nd – 20 Points
3rd – 10 Points
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Feathers are available through Lancaster Archery Supply or have your local shop contact us and we’ll work with them to supply your favorite color!

Contact the Bowdudes at thebowdudespodcast@gmail.com.
You can find them on instagram, twitter and facebook. Just search for the Bowdudes.

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