“The Bowdudes – Professional Archer Dan Jasa Part 2 of 2”

Part 2 of a two part podcast with professional archer Dan Jasa.

Dan Jasa is a professional archer from Missouri. Growing up in Nebraska, Dan picked up his first bow at age 12, but only used it for bowfishing the channels around his home. His love back then was bird dogs and pheasants with a little rifle hunting for whitetail deer thrown in.

Dan’s love of the outdoors got put on hold while he attended college at Nebraska Wesleyan University where he played football and threw shot put, discus and hammer on the school’s track team. After graduation, some friends introduced Dan to bowhunting and his love of archery began. He wanted to find ways to continue to shoot his bow after the hunting season was over and started competing on a local, state and National level. He turned pro in 2012. Dan has enjoyed great success at all levels he’s competed including several Championships and top 5 finishes at the state and national level as a pro and amatuer.

Dan currently lives in the St. Louis area with his wife Emily where he’s a personal trainer. When not shooting his bow, he and Emily enjoy hiking, fishing and anything that gets them outdoors.

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