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Turkey Hunting Public Land with Harold Knight

In this episode of The Turkey Hunter Podcast, I interview Harold Knight with Knight and Hale Game Calls and “Ultimate Hunting” television. Harold grew up hunting what is now known as the Land Between the Lakes National Recreation Area. The Land Between the Lakes National Recreation Area is located in Northwestern Tennessee and Southwestern Kentucky between Kentucky Lake and Lake Barkley. Harold killed his first wild turkey on Land Between the Lakes at the age of 16 and instantly became a hunting legend in the area.

Harold became a legend in the hunting world when he and partner, David Hale, started Knight and Hale Game Calls and grew it to be the largest game call company in the industry. To say Harold knows turkey hunting would be like saying Santa Claus knows Christmas. Harold has over 50 years of turkey hunting experience, and he has matched wits with numerous public hunting land gobblers.

Harold shares scouting tips, calling tips, safety tips, set up tips for having more success while turkey hunting public land. Harold also shares some great turkey hunting stories with us as well.

Listen in to Harold Knight of Knight and Hale Game Calls and host of “Ultimate Hunting” share his knowledge and experience hunting those tough to find and tougher to kill public land turkeys.

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