Joe Hutto is a naturalist, artist, and author who imprinted two clutches of wild turkey eggs. Joe wasn’t prepared for how this experiment of gaining acceptance into the inside world of wild turkeys would change his life.

For two years, Joe spent nearly every daylight hour with this flock of birds, witnessing and documenting their transformation from young hatching poults to full grown adult wild turkeys. Joe’s notes of this transformation were put into book form in Illumination in the Flatwoods.

Several years later, Joe’s book was made into a documentary and aired on PBS. The documentary entitled, “My Life as a Turkey” won 3 Emmy’s.

In this episode of The Turkey Hunter Pocast, Joe shares with us more about his experience raising the turkeys as well as provides us some behind the scenes information about the book and the documentary.

If you want to learn more about the behavior of wild turkeys (and if you are a turkey hunter, then you definitely should be a student of the bird), then you’ll want to listen in to this week’s episode, buy the book, and watch the documentary.

Here’s my affiliate link to the book on Amazon:

Illumination in the Flatwoods: A Season With The Wild Turkey

Here’s a link to the documentary on PBS:

My Life as a Turkey


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